Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Is It Just Me?

Wow, is it just me or is time flying by at mock chicken???? Things have really picked up for me. Besides my regular responsibilities of mom, wife and parent council president. My word of mouth advertising has worked. I have gotten two catering jobs over the past three weeks and My photography is doing well also. I am so excited to go to my Photography weekend in Banff. I am hoping to gather alot of information on the business end of things. I feel that is where I am lacking. Now that my youngest is almost 3 I feel like there is a certain freedom coming about my young life. I think my fear of failure has subsided and that I am ready for my life as a professional photographer.

I Have committed to helping out a local man and his family. Kent Pankow, has been living with brain cancer since 1998. He has been on a drug therapy that is now covered by our government but still costing his family $9000.00 per month. There is something very sick about that. We live in a country that boasts free healthcare..... Why the heck is he being forced to pay for this drug even though the people he sits beside get it for nothing??? God forbid you get a cancer that is not covered or you may be in the same boat!!! I will donate $500.00 from each wedding package booked from now until the end of may and %20 of my regular bookings aswell. I am hoping to have a few bookings to help out.

Spring is here, I can tell because my chives are three inches tall, he he!! The joys of living in a province such as Alberta, I have chives today but they might be frozen by tomorrow. I have been thinking about funny things people come up with and remembered a phrase my grandpa used to say, only because it has been so windy here. " It must be windy" he used to say " The horses have there butts to the wind" he'd giggle " When their arses start to whistle, we'll put them in the barn". I have no idea why I am telling you this except for the fact its really funny. I think we could all use a really good laugh! Soon my kids will be out of school and we will be running around the country getting in our family visits. I am so happy for the sunshine, It was a very long winter!

I have a few more pictures for you and them I will say goodbye for now!

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