Monday, April 2, 2012


Hello Everyone!!

I am so thrilled that spring is finally here. Although we haven't had a terrible winter, I have felt very cooped up. This past winter has been a rough one for me. Full of many personal transitions and a life changing event. My little sister was diagnosed with stage 3 folicular lymphoma in the fall of 2011. I was so devistated!! She has always been my best friend , despite the ocassional squabble , we have always shared a special relationship. We have now shared something most siblings never will!

I have also let go of many things, for one reason or another, that I had dedicated myself to.  I am no longer president of the parent council and didn't take a picture all winter.... I kind of gave up and let people take advantage of that.  After wondering what in the h-e double hockey sticks my problem was for quite sometime.  I realized that I am not a quiter and I am a good person who deserves to be here, just like everyone else who has been born.   The clouds have lifted and I am in a renewed place right now.

I have now dove strait into the loves of my life... I am reinventing my business to be based solely around women and their families. I am so excited about it too!  I have decided to stop photographing weddings. I have just really been thinking a lot about what I want to do with my life. I even had a wonderful friend take my pictures.  Yes, thats right I got IN FRONT OF THE CAMERA!!!


For everyone who books a session, you will recieve a gift session from me until May 15th, 2012.  This is no April fools..... You can choose to use the gift for yourself or give it to someone special in your life. You could choose to go half and half with your Mom, Sister or best friend.  That is not all!! For every print you order you will also be gifted the digital copy of the purchased image.  My prints will now come pressed on hard board and lustre sprayed for lasting quality.  I find that two many people are not printing their images and that is so sad..... I have also added facebook images to my packages. Please take a peek at my Investment and A-La-Carte tabs for all print pricing.

Now I will share a few of the wonderful pictures taken by my Friend , Sheila, at Forever Captured Photography.  Here is her link.....  . Sheila is a truly amazing and supportive person who has an amazing eye!!  I would also like to thank ,Vanessa, from Tickled Pink Photography! Here's her link  These two ladies have been so supportive to me,  from a photography stand point and also through Kyds Lyds!/pages/Kyds-Lyds/158162297577287 .