Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Prices are subject to change.

Personal bookings are $60.00 for the first 4 people and $20.00 per person after that. This includes about an hour of my time at a location of your choice. A private link for you to view your pictures and choose which prints you would like to have made for yourselves.Booking fee is upfront and the cost of your prints is paid at the time of your order. Print prices are to follow.


Package #1 $800.00Includes about 2 hours of my time at 1 location of your choice. A private link to view and purchase your photographs. 3-8x10's, 8-5x7's and 10-4x6 pictures of your choice.

Package #2 $1000.00Includes about 4 hours of my time at 2 locations of your choice. A private link to view and purchase your photographs. 4-8x10's, 10-5x7's and 15-4x6 pictures of your choice.

Package #3 $1300.00Includes about 8 hours of my time at any locations of your choice. A private link to view and purchase your photographs. 5-8x10's 12- 5x7's and 20-4x6's pictures of your choice.

The package price is to be paid in full, 30 days before your wedding date. There is a $200.00 booking fee that will go towards your entire purchase. It is not refundable and needs to be paid in order to hold your session with me.

I have many other fun and unique ideas for your special day. Please contact me for my full range of packages.I would love to help you and your family capture what is unique about to you! I am up for a challenge and love to make it a fun time for everyone. This is a time to relax and not worry if the kids are grumpy and don't want to smile!!!

Individule Sheet Prices:

wallets: 8 for $20.00
4x6's : 4 for $20.00
5x7's : 2 for $20.00
8x10: 1 for $20.00
11x14: 1 for $30.00
16x 20: 1 for $50.00
20X24: 1 for $75.00
20x30: 1 for $100.00

Canvas Print Prices:

11x14: $ 150.00
16X20: $ 225.00
20x30: $ 300.00
24x36: $ 375.00

Card Prices:

Cards can be done in a varity of prints and fashions. 24 cards and envelopes for $ 70.00

Digital Print Prices:

You may purchase the rights to one or all of your photographs.

1 digital image with all rights, printable up to 11x14 : $40.00
10 digital images with all rights ,printable up to 11x14: $ 120.00
25 digital images with all rights, printable up to 11x14: $ 240.00
All digital images with all rights , printable up to 11x14: $ 500.00 on proper media.

Salsa Shmalsa!

Well, clearly I have left you hanging! I have had many things going on since my last post. Some good and some sad and bad. I promise I will get to my salsa recipe sometime.

My Grandma, the most profound person in my life, passed away on the ninth of January, 2010. I was blessed to have her as a mother and a friend, although some will never agree, she understood me like no other. I came home form our family holiday in Flordia, we had a great visit and she never woke up. I think she was waiting for us to be home. It has left me extremely sad yet peacefull. I am not sure how, but thats how I explain it! My Grandma was very proud of all my accomplishments so, I have decided to jump in with both feet. No looking back, life is for the living.

I am happy to say that my photography is slowly taking off..... I have two weddings booked in July, deposits in hand, very excited. I am thrilled that I get to be part of such monumentious occasions in peoples lives. I have, however, struggled with the matter of price. There is almost always someone who will do it for less and many who do it for more. The whole " whats my time worth"? Of course I am partial to believe my time is priceless.... but........I have to be realistic and hope I will be picked because they love my work and for no other reason.

In deciding that I want to make a go of my passion, I have felt a huge weight lifted from my shoulders. I can now just say, I am a mother, and wife and a photographer. Everything else WILL follow.

With that being said here are a couple of my latest!