Wednesday, March 17, 2010


Ok, so I am all about busying myself ( I'm not busy enough,LOL!) just to see how much I can take. I'm going to admit something now and I hope it falls upon understanding ears. I signed myself up for a quilting class at a local store in Olds. So very excited as this is something I have wanted to learn (correctly) for along time. I get home from picking up my kiddlets from school and there is a message on my phone. THE CLASS IS CANCELED DUE TO ENROLLMENT........ So, I am totally dissapointed!! How can that be that in a town of 6000? Did they think there would be a line up??? I'm thinking that 2 people in this day and age that want to learn how to quilt, pretty good! There is my vent.

On a brighter note, I have enrolled in a photography class. I am thrilled about it. It takes place in June of this year, in Banff, Alberta. Dana bowes will be there from Bowes Photography as well as Red Leaf Studios. Lots of other greats in the industry. A HUGE DEAL FOR ME!!!!( I am jumping for joy) So, the countdown is on for me.

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