Sunday, February 21, 2010

New Business Card and Water Mark

Well here it is folks, my newly designed card and Water Mark. RedgwellPhotography, freezing moments and capturing time. I did it all by myself and I am pretty proud of myself!

I have been thinking pretty hard about my next step and as I was doing that I received a facebook message. This was a message I was thrilled to get because I haven't really advertised my photography to much. It was a recommendation! I will be heading out west in April to do a wedding photo shoot. I am so excited about it! I will do a blog post on it shortly after I have finished it.

I am still preparing to do the lighting workshop in Calgary and I am hoping to pick one more. Not really sure what though. I think it will be good for me to get out and meet other people who are in the same field. I enjoy the company and hope to learn from others a the same time. I think it is much more solid then books all the time.

Over the last little while I have made allot of system upgrades. I purchased a new laptop,computer, CS4, a wacom bamboo and a brand new Canon printer. Subscribed to a few magi zines to keep up with things.

Cant wait for the coming year. I am thinking about a contest of some sorts, I'm not sure how well they work or what my idea would be behind it. A possibility for sure.

Meanwhile, I have a dinner for 70 people at the Elementary School tomorrow. I am cooking ham and scalloped potatoes, Greek salad, homemade buns and fruit fondue for dessert. It is going to be really good! I hope everyone enjoys it.

Any ideas for a contest ?


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