Thursday, May 19, 2011

As I dream it I can see it!

Every so often I go through a period where I feel stuck.  These are the times where I pick up my camera for a little me therapy.  I go out and shoot just for myself!  No stress. No feeling the pre-shoot jitters. No one to impress but myself.

A while back I asked for a model on my Facebook page.  One that wouldn't mind getting muddy and wet.  I had a good response and chose one that was old enough to take direction.  My friend Tina graciously let me take her daughter out for and evening of photographic fun.  And it was!!  We went to several locations around the Olds area.  I shot just for myself !! While I was out with Ms. L , I thought to myself this is great!!  I have chosen a client that is open to my artistic view's , and letting me be myself through my camera.  It was heavenly!  I really can't say thanks enough!  Although It wasn't exactly what I was trying to get at ( it was far to cold for water shots ) They turned out wonderfully.

I hope they like them as much as I do!

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