Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Is Anyone There?

I am slowly getting the hang of this blogging thing! Have no clue if anyone is reading it, but I'm hopin. I appreciate being able to come down to my computer, let the kids attack each other, write peacefully into the night, yeah right!! I actually have decided a few things about the path I am taking. I carry fear with me!! Not a bad thing though, it is a motivation for me. My one year plan in a nut shell, Photography, the end.

The Pictures above are from an engagement photoshoot I did for a friend in Calgary, Alberta. A cute idea from the future bride! She is from here and Her man is from Ireland hence the mountie and the lepricaun... I had so much fun that day. We really just farted around and got amazing shots. They are a very playful couple, destined for an excitement filled life.

I am trying to decide which classes I would like to take to gather information. After dealing with a bridezilla of sorts ( food not photography), I am putting my foot down, I will not write a 4 page apology either! I am totally worth putting my effort in to. What was I talking about? Oh yes, classes. So I think I am going to go to one being held in Calgary. A friend of mine, Jenny Jardine, is helping with. It is all on lighting which will benefit me greatly. I hope the dates will work out in my favor. The teachings are of the great Tri-Coast and its on TTL flash systems for NIKON and Canon cameras. Yeah! an exciting decision for me.

I just love photography and people and art so It fits. I have lots of equipment to keep me busy. I have my two weddings booked for the summer. Things are looking up!


  1. Hi Jaeme,

    Your blog is being read. :)

    Great shots, they look like such a fun fun couple!! Regarding your course, listen to Jenny, she is a great gal, and talented photographer!


  2. Thanks Joelene!

    I am so glad to know someone is there :) I love Jenny to bits... One of the most honest, no beating around the bush, types of people I know. Im gonna listen to her!!! Right Jenny?